Founded in 1987, the Nevada Waterfowl Association (NWA) was established by individuals concerned with the rate of deterioration of our wetlands. The NWA’s vision is to restore and enhance Nevada’s wetlands and the wildlife dependent upon them, especially waterfowl and shorebirds.

Dedicated to preserving and restoring wetlands and wildlife habitat within the state necessitates the formation of local chapters to help identify areas at risk and generate support at a local level. Through this process, NWA is successful at identifying projects relevant to our cause and creating solutions that enrich our wetlands. Additionally, NWA works in conjunction with various state and federal agencies to reach these goals.

We encourage you to join us in preserving our heritage and promoting a bright future for our wetlands:

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For the upcoming wood duck event day, we have filled up the rocketnetting field trip of 75 people. Still room for the nest box checks, luncheon, and $1000 wood duck band raffle! ... See MoreSee Less

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Wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped and/or attended the wood duck event this past weekend. 105 people showed up at 5am to band ducks. We caught a few ducks and found some nests for the field trips. We had the 2nd woman to ever win the federal duck stamp competition attend and present for the first time ever her new print "Wood Ducks in Fallon". One went for auction and the other went as an award to the recent widow who owns the property where the famous wood duck fence exists. In all, 220 people, including 44 kids attended (doubling the amount of people in any prior year) and made some money to support student research and public involvement. Thanks everyone!

Please post up if you showed up and had fun. Also, post up any suggestions for making it better!
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Our colleagues in California have begun banding wood ducks in the spring this year. And sure enough, they got one from the Fallon, NV project! ... See MoreSee Less

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