Born in 1974 in Reno, Nevada Chad Belding is a lifelong sportsman and outdoors enthusiast whose love of the lifestyle was instilled at a very young age by his father, Orville Belding.

Chad’s passion for the outdoors eventually led him to predator and waterfowl hunting, and soon thereafter he became involved in competitive duck and goose calling in the late 1990’s while attending college at The University of Nevada Reno. Chad’s relentless entrepreneurial spirit then led him to become the founder of “Banded Brands” in 2008. The same year, he became the host of “The Fowl Life” television series which went to air in 2009, and is currently still thriving in popularity airing season 14 and filming season 15. Chad is the main host of two podcasts, “The Fowl Life” podcast and “This Life Ain’t For Everybody,” and works closely with several others.

In 2019, he partnered in founding Jargon game calls, known primarily for their precise CNC turned, and hand turned duck calls which have surged in popularity across the country. In 2020, Chad and several partners including his brothers, close friends, and UFC champion, Chad Mendez, founded “The Provider Life ” which has a perfectly curated line of rubs designed for all meats and vegetables. The team also cowrote The Provider Cookbook, which quickly reached the top sellers list on Amazon and continues to influence the kitchens of passionate cooks across the country.

Chad is passionate about training and working with his dogs, Duff, and Axl. His love of working with them can be seen in every episode of “The Fowl Life.” Chad works closely with several large kennel and training facilities to constantly keep his knowledge sharp. The Fowl Life podcast, and The Fowl Life television both have episodes partnered with Eukanuba premium dog food, dedicated to sport dog training and retrieving tips. Chad is also the proud father of his daughter, Alyssa Belding, who true to her family heritage loves the outdoors and has picked up a thing or two about duck calls. His undeniable pursuit of business, and his love of the outdoors has been the cornerstone of Chad’s life and career.

He is a friend, conservationist, role model, and true outdoorsman.